Frenchpark Social Club

Frenchpark social club is a group of senior citizens that meet up every week on Wednesday Morning @ 11.30am. This morning session is solely orientated around what each member wants or likes to do. There are light refreshments served and a nice and friendly atmosphere.

At the start of every session they have a cup of tea and a friendly chat and decide what we would like to do next. The following activities are what they are currently doing:

  • Knitting – we are knitting squares of all shapes and sizes to make a blanket for charity. People of all skills and abilities are able to knit and bring all their creations together as one. If people don’t know how to knit. Members help each other.
  • Basic Computers –The world of technology is every changing but the basics of technology are always good to know. They are currently spending time learning basic computer skills and hopefully by the end they will be able to use are skills for basic letter writing, sending emails and searching the web.
  • 15 minutes of gentle exercise- at the end of each session they spend 15 minutes doing gentle exercise which are based around each member’s abilities.

The club has received some funding from the Go life Organisation which will allow them to extend the already situated Exercise routine in to more beneficial and worthwhile activity

They are looking into some new activities for the future and would welcome new ideas.

All are welcome. Please come and join us.

For further details
Contact Frenchpark and Districts Childcare Clg