Full Daycare per day €26.00
Full Daycare per week €130.00
Daycare Part-time 3hrs 31mins to 5hrs per day €13.00
Daycare Part-time 3hrs 31mins to 5hrs per week €65.00
Half Session 1hr 15mins to 2hrs 15mins per week €21.67
Afterschool per day €10.00
Afterschool per week €50.00
Preschool Sessional/HighScope €40.00

Optional Charges

Where children go on outings an optional charge of €7-€10 is charged to cover the cost of admittance to the venue and the cost of transport to the venue.

Children are not obliged to go on outings and can opt to receive a normal preschool/full daycare session.

Fees are payable on Mondays. Fees must be paid in full on Mondays even if the child is absent in order to keep the child’s place. Fees must be paid for the 52 weeks of the year.

Frenchpark & Districts Childcare Ltd is a non-profit making organisation which relies on the fees being paid by parents to meet staff wages and overheads.