• All full daycare children will be provided with a healthy breakfast, hot meal at lunch and snack in the afternoon as well as drinks throughout the course of the day.
  • Sessional children receive a snack and drink during their session
  • A hot meal is provided for all children attending our After School service
  • Staff will sit with children during lunchtime to encourage good eating habits, stimulate conversation and enhance the quality of interaction at meal times
  • Assisting them with their food
  • Never forcing or pushing any child to eat or drink against their will
  • In addition we encourage children to understand and enjoy the value of a healthy diet by regularly engaging the children in gardening activities where they grow their own vegetables in our tunnel.
  • The needs of children with special dietary needs will be met in partnership with parents.
  • Parents will be notified of irregular eating/drinking habits of their children
  • On the enrolment form parents will be asked to inform us in writing of any food allergy their child may have.
  • Our service complies with current HACCP legislation regarding food hygiene.
  • Food is kept at the recommended storage temperature at all time and it is always disposed after the “use by date”
  • The temperature of fridge (around 5°C) and the freezer (around -12°C) is checked and recorded once a day
  • Areas for storage and preparation of ready to eat food and raw food are kept separate and those are kept clean and tidy at all time
  • In heating up the food care is taken to make sure the food reaches the recommended final temperature and that it is piping hot when taken out the oven
  • A rotating 4 weeks menu is displayed on the parents/guardians/carers notice board in reception

Healthy Eating Policy

Frenchpark & Districts Childcare Clg promotes healthy eating by providing a well balance and nutritious diet for all children attending the service.


  • We have regard for “Food and Nutrition Guideline for Pre-School” by the Department of Health and Children.
  • We encourage the nutritional and overall well being of all children within the centre.
  • We support children to develop life long healthy eating practices and a positive approach towards food in partnership with parents.
  • We recognise the dietary needs of all children and aim to ensure all children’s individual and cultural needs are met.
  • We monitor and review our practices and policy and, if necessary, make adjustments.
  • Employees are encouraged to attend regular training programs around health and nutrition.


  • Practitioners sit with the children during meal times to encourage conversation and extend interactions.
  • Encouraging children to make choices, drink and feed themselves during meal times will help to develop each child’s independence.
  • Meal times are an important social aspect of the daily routine within a childcare setting. They provide opportunities to inform and educate children about nutrition and healthy eating.


  • Parents are encouraged to promote healthy eating by providing healthy snacks for children.
  • Suggestions of healthy snacks are made available for parents at the start of the pre-school year.
  • Fizzy, drinks, sugary snacks or crisps are not allowed in the centre.
  • Snacks such as fruit, yoghurt, sandwiches or fruit juices are encouraged as healthy eating alternatives for children.

Our meals are well balanced and provide for a wide variety of food from the four main food groups each day:


  • Carbohydrates (rice, cereal, bread, pasta)
  • Fruit and Vegetables
  • Dairy products (milk, yoghurt, cheese)
  • Meat/Fish /Vegetarian alternatives

Processed meats such as chicken nuggets, burgers and sausages are served no more than once a week. If provided, a healthier cooking method such as baking or grilling is used.


  • Fizzy drinks are not served in the centre.
  • Full fat milk or diluted pure fruit juice is served with morning and an afternoon snack, water is served at dinnertime and is available to the children throughout the day.
  • Dessert is offered after dinner each day and is fruit or milk based.
  • Children are allowed to have dessert regardless of finishing their dinner.

Our Facilities

Our kitchen is managed only to the very highest standards, and we fully adhere to the HACCP guidelines.

The cooks prepare fresh, nutritional food each day catering for all dietary requirements or needs e.g. vegetarians, coeliac, religious.

We offer all children a healthy, balanced and nutritional diet. We endeavour to introduce children to a variety of tastes and flavours and all our produce is purchased fresh from well-known supermarkets in the area.

We operate a 4 week rotating menu which is reviewed regularly.

The menu is on display in the centre so that parents know what the children are eating each day.

Special Dietary Requirements

All special dietary requirements are respected inclusive of dietary need and cultural dietary habits.
Parents are asked to give details of foods eaten or not eaten by their children.