About Síolta

Síolta, the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education was developed by the Centre for Early Childhood Development and Education (CECDE) on behalf of the Department of Education and Science.  The Framework was published in 2006 following a three-year developmental process, which involved consultation with more than 50 diverse organisations, representing childcare workers, teachers, parents, policy makers, researchers and other interested parties.

For the first time in Ireland, Síolta provides a common set of quality standards across a diverse range of settings for children aged from birth to six years based on the most up-to-date Irish and international research evidence.

The implementation of Síolta, as the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education, is an objective of the National Childcare Strategy and is supported by the National Childcare Investment Programme.

At Frenchpark & Districts Childcare Ltd we are committed to retaining our Siolta validation of level 4 which we achieved in November 2012.

Childhood Development

Frenchpark & District Childcare Ltd, Staff members are aware that the period from birth to six years is a time of life qualitatively different from early childhood and adulthood.

It is a time of tremendous growth and development of mind, body, spirit and young children experience change at this stage at an unprecedented rate. All aspects of early learning are interconnected. At no other stage in life is this more obvious and more relevant.

Whilst it is possible to identify different dimensions to this learning, for example social, emotional, personal, sensory and motor development, cognitive linguistic, creative, aesthetic, moral and spiritual, these are intricately interwoven, influencing each other in highly complex and sophisticated ways.

Our curriculum encourages the development of the children’s physical, intellectual, language, and emotional and social skills. Our curriculum provides for infants, toddlers, pre-school and after-school aged children.

We offer a flexible routine and a balanced programme promoting independence, learning and self-esteem for all of the children in our care.

Early Learning Framework

As all children are individual and develop at their own pace, the staff feel that it is important to implement a planned play-based curriculum incorporating the different needs of each child. This will be achieved by developmentally appropriate activities along with a high level of input from the staff.

Our curriculum is designed around the recommendations of the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment consultative document Towards a Framework for Early Learning.